Feeling old


It’s a strange thing with me… I suddenly feel old, as in not in the middle of the actual life… Slowly I begin to understand that I am actually getting old, older but it’s not this physical olderness that bothers me… It’s the existence in a parallel universe to people and lives I used to be a part of.
My interests and hobbies stayed the same but now when I pursue my interests I am surrounded by people I can’t relate to and the only common denominator is the interest we share . My interests are out of tune with the life of a wife and mother I have.
I like funky places and shabby looking cool cafés but the crowd there are mostly students or people who had children very young or divorced men who can play rent-a-dad on an odd weekend…
I like learning new things, I am excited by unorthodox ways of learning, I am intrigued by everything new – people surrounding me are much younger, mostly students … Like I once was and never will be again…
Any ideas how you catch up and fit onto new life ? I got me tried and had children a few years ago but I still haven’t caught up with my new identity, inside I still haven’t even graduated Uni… Instead of being whole I now consist of poorly connected parts, fractions and fragments.

What to do?

Before the Races

Melbourne goes all crazy once a year. It’s all about fashion, hats and… horses – November is racing season. It is such a big event here that on the day of the Melbourne Cup city of Melbourne actually has a public Holliday!
The races going for a week with each day having its own motto. Me and Nigel are invited on Thursday which is a Lady’s day.
Weather forecast is not very promising with rain and 18 degrees!
I spent this afternoon hunting for treasures in vintage stores. Hats, bags, gloves….
While hunting I went to the vintage Mecca of Melbourne – Fitzroy. Went there and totally fell in live with it. It’s sort of a mini Camden for Londeners and Prenzlauer Berg for Berliners:-)








Coming to an end

My photography class is slowly coming to its end. I feel so so sad that I won’t be able to continue because of our move to Brisbane!
It was a struggle to find enough time and I will always remember that feeling if “not enough time”… On a positive note – I’ve developed my skills a lot and I would have developed them even further if we only stayed

Tonight is our portfolio presentation night



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