I found myself over the last couple of weeks having way too much photos and I didn’t feel like I could possible not include them. But even though I was keen to keep them their quality some times wasn’t the greatest so printing them 6×4 and in large numbers (extra 5-8 photos a week) wasn’t very appealing to me.

Tonight I found a solution! Firstly I had to learn how to create templates in PSE, though :-)

So, I came up with a template for 8 square photos on a 6×4 photo sheet and there is enough space for journaling in the middle. In my example of how it looks I’ve used two free fonts. Both of them I’ve downloaded from dafont.com. It’s Another Typewriter and Arsenale White for the hand written bit.

Here is  the link to the download. I’ve created the template using Photoshop Elements 9.

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