No, I can’t have any of it today or tomorrow or may be ever, but I had to make it!

I am sure that’s farmer’s market  fault. They sold the most beautiful and sweet cherries today.

And only yesterday, when I was was surfing Internet and food photography blogs I came across a simple Orio and Cherry cake.

It’s the winner – no need to bake anything. Works pretty much as a Banoffee Pie only with a whole lot of indulgent chocolate and cherries, and Orios! A genius invention, really.

All you need for this cake is:

about 35-40 Orio biscuits (you would need to scrape the white filling away)

150gr butter

200gr dark chocolate

200ml cream and


Scraping the filling away was the most time consuming part. Don’t worry, it didn’t go to waste. It sits safely in a small plastic container in our fridge and Nigel plans to give it second life on plain biscuits we bought specifically for this noble purpose.

I wizzed black goodness of Orios and butter to a silky base mix and let it set in a baking tin in the fridge for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile I melted chocolate and cream in a pot and then filled with this chocolate ganache the cool base.

After about 30 minutes I planted my sweet and incredible juicy cherries on top of the chocolate sauce.

After about another hour Nigel indulged and I watched…

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