4th of December Journalling

Now, this time I have several versions of the left page and will journal on the right using my own handwriting or may be a collage of my handwriting and printed words

Which version of the left page I choose will depend on how the printed version of the photo will look like (again photos ended up being a bit out of focus and with a lot of digital noise).

Journalling: Today we went to buy our Christmas tree and some decoration. We have two large boxes of beautiful decoration in the attic but it’s glass and fragile – Henry would destroy it in a second. This time we went for shatter-proof decoration and an artificial tree that can’t kill anyone if it falls down!
First I’ve chosen a tree with integrated lighting for £180 but in the end we went for a very naturally looking tree without any integrated parts – plain plastic for just £70 … I really hope we will still like it tomorrow when we are planning to put it up!
The pictures on the left were taken during the half an hour wait in the furniture department while our shopping was prepared for us to pick up – felt like being home with Henry playing with the the iPhone on the bed, on the couch in the armchair…:-) inseparable!


Looking at the amount of text in my journalling I might need to go with the printed version again …!


What do YOU think?

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