7th December Journalling

Today I have officially left the safe haven of scrapping by numbers:-) I’ve done something based on one of Ali’s ideas but put my twist on it – my journalling page has two photos large enough to cover the whole page, so that you can’t see the square with the date. I first thought of having a third/middle page like Ali did with two separately printed photos overlapping each other followed by the third and proper journalling page with a large photo. Constrained by the fact that I couldn’t make the overlay come through and be on top of my photos I came up with a different idea and I think I like it…

Also, I made my scrap booking process part of the journal, of my daily journalling! So on one of the photos you can see all the cards I bought that I want to use to embellish my scrap book!:-)

Looking at both pages side by side made me think that there might be a better arrangement of photos to link two pages better together

What do you think? Which option flows better?


5 thoughts on “7th December Journalling

  1. Fabulous page! I like choice #1 better with the journaling on top. My eye gently slides from santa to the wreath to the journaling.


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