13th December Journalling

This will be a very simple day to document – two photos and a hand made card in the middle – the first Henry made!

I may be write a little letter to Henry to go with it, otherwise I feel the day is a bit empty…

We don’t have any Christmas traditions yet, not as a family but also nothing we would’ve brought with us from our childhood. We are creating our own family Christmas rituals as we go along.

This and the next years will be your childhood memories, dear Henry! Hopefully we will create together some cherished Christmas traditions to pass on your children, if you decide to do so!
We were creating first ever handmade Christmas cards today; we will make a Ginger house this week and I also will make some Christmas cookies just before Christmas or before the New Year’s Eve.
Your are lucky, we celebrate both Christmas and New Year’s Eve with parties, nice meals and presents – you always will have twice as many presents and twice the time to celebrate as people around you:-)
Merry Christmas, my love!

This is how it would look like with journalling. I would love to print it on a transparent paper but not sure if I can print white on a transparent (and not only black)


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