23rd December Journalling

It’s a bit of an odd day, or better to day an odd journalling output of the day… Not quite sure why I ended up producing such a strange set of pages. I decided not to dwell on it but rather accept that that’s how it should have been… That’t he imperfection of the day and it might have a reason, or may be, I simply was given too many new toys (aka PSE actions) to play with:-)

It’s a 2.5 page layout. The left and the right pages are pretty standard but I’ve included an additional 6×8 photo and the journalling will go onto the back of the photo, so I’ll use it as a sort of a post card

Here is an option that I might try … need to see how it looks once printed out – I might cut the shape of the card out and glue it to the back of the photo or I might just cut the page into half and glue the halfs together – hard to say how large/small (easy to read) the journalling bit will be once printed


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