Documenting Life ’11: Events Calendar

To be as prepared and organised as possible and to do as little as possible during the year I have created a Google Calendar specifically for Documenting Life Project. It contains a bi-weekly topic for images, a bi-weekly thought-provoking question that should help add depth to my journalling and a monthly reminder for the roundup. I also have created it as a public calendar so you are more then welcome to have a look and join in if you like what you see!

Each photo inspiration comes with a title and a selection of photos I picked from flickr. I tried to select the less obvious interpretations of the theme. So for the word Music you won’t find any images of music sheets or instruments…

Here is another example.

For the first part of August the photographic theme is: PEACE. And the images I picked out to inspire me, are:

The word for the time between the second part of August is: COLOUR. Images that I’ve picked for that word are below

The thought questions for that month are:

What do you love most about yourself? and

Is it more important to do what you love or to love what you are doing?

Here is the link to view my entire Documenting Life calendar for the year. You can then add any of the entries to your personal calendar or, if you want to be send reminders and prompts from me you would need to send me your email address, so that I can add you to the list of nominated users.


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