Documenting Life ’11: January Photo Inspiration (1)

My photo-word for the first part of January is …


In my Google calendar I’ve included several links to flickr photos to inspire me. To tell you the truth I found documenting this word quite difficult as it is hard to come up with something original… To complicate the matters I had to bring my Canon to get repaired and won’t get it back for another three weeks!

So now I am left with my iPhone (not iPhone 4, so no joy there yet) and a very old Pentax  point and shoot…

Nigel meant yesterday I should see it as a creative challenge:-)

So I shell, and as Chase Jarvis said “The best camera is the one that’s with you”

I’ve downloaded a pretty cool app on my iPhone: Camera+ which allows for a lot of cool effects, frames, and light corrections. So, here is my contribution to the Newness of the Year:
a very first Starbucks mug that I bought today that later (after the photo was taken) will be filled with a tasty Latte – home made! And not only that, this photo is taken on the iPhone and “processed” with Camera+ App

Another photo I’ve taken today was of our orchid that lives in our bathroom. This one was taken with Pentax and I played around with it in PSE to make the colours look more vibrant.

I wonder which one of these two I will end up including into the monthly round up…
Right now I like the iPhone photo more. It has more meaning, it is linked to an action to something really new in my life – a new experience, a new thing and a new App:-) There is definitely more real life to it than to my beautiful flower that is as beautiful as it is a bit generic…

Today I also got my first ever flue jab! At least now I know that the shot doesn’t hurt and it’s OK when Henry is having his shots:-)

It rains here for several days in a row. Feels more like autumn, really… This photo also was taken with my iPhone. Oh, I so wish for my Canon to come back to me safe and sound very soon!


What do YOU think?

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