Documenting Life ’11: week 2

Today was a haircut day – for the whole family. I was looking forward to it more because of the nice photos that I was planning to take (in my head they all looked perfect)… only to discover that my pentax camera went missing (hopefully somewhere in the house)! So I was left with my iPhone, hence the result is more around documenting the moment, rather then creatively capturing it, if you know what I mean

I am probably the only member of the family who doesn’t like Henry’s new haircut…:-) But what can I do – I don’t like men with short hair, or boys by that matter:-) Less interesting, but still documented: me and Nigel getting out hair cut as well. I couldn’t walk very well today, so the trip down the stairs to wash my hair was out of question, hence instead of getting a proper cut all I could ask for was a trimmed fringe :-(


3 thoughts on “Documenting Life ’11: week 2

  1. New to your blog, found you through the BPC forum. Love your ideas for project life. Copied some of your calender into my Google calender. I am doing my own version too. Only taken the pics and jotted down some journaling at this point, but have big plans for later today! (waiting for hubby to get home so can go down and scrap!)


  2. Oops, forgot to say thanks! So thanks for all the inspiration. Can’t wait to see what you work on next. Love the lo for yesterday & today. (Wanted to take the class just didn’t have the $ this time of year)


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