Parenting: Topics

I’ve picked topics that are most current for me as well as some that should help my children to understand why I am the way I am… (if they will ever be interested in it:-)). I also kept in mind the size of the book when printed. I am going 100% digital so 20-40 pages at 12×12 format should be my limit giving me anywhere between 10 and 20 topics to work with (which is plenty for me).

My topics are:

Making Room for Parenting

1. What Parenting Means to Me: to reflect upon my beliefs, expectations, and feelings about being a parent
2. Return to Childhood: to get insight about the values of my family of origin
3. How I was raised: to examine the beliefs and expectations of my parents about child rearing when I was growing up
4. Paying Tribute: to identify what I liked about the way my parents raised me; to express my appreciation
5. To Tell the Truth: to identify what I didn’t like about the way I was raised
6. Wanted: My Kind of Parent: to identify and articulate my values; to shape my own style of parenting

The World within My Home

7. The Time Pie: to simplify my life; to manage time according to my priorities
8. My Prayer: to cultivate the practice of prayer, to create my own prayers
9. Caring for Myself: to identify people, places, things, and activities that nurture you; to expand my repertoire of nurturing elements in my life

Welcoming a Child into Life

10. Pregnancy and Me: to become aware of my beliefs, attitudes, and experiences associated with pregnancy
11. Picture Me Pregnant: to develop an appreciation of my pregnant body image; to become aware of my own personal style during pregnancy
12. Heart-to-Heart: to create a partnership with the unborn child; to establish a rapport with the spirit of the baby I am carrying

Giving Birth

13. Prayer to the Creator: to write my own prayer to the Higher Power or the Divine as I experience it; to have faith in and surrender to divine providence

The New Family

14. Parenting Together: to become aware of my current needs, my relationship needs, and needs regarding the care of my child
15. Where we’re Going: to become aware of our short-and long-term goals as individuals; to become aware of our relationship goals and family goals
16. Baby and Me: to become aware of my feelings about having a baby and about caring for my baby and toddler
17. Getting to Know You: to become aware of my children’s development and needs; to cultivate communication with my baby
18. Time Together: to become aware of my response to my children; to revisit my values and concerns about parenting at this time


What do YOU think?

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