One Sentence Journal: Happiness Project

This is an idea I read about at Gretchen Rubin Happiness Project blog. She writes

… each day, I write one sentence (well, actually, I type on the computer) about what happened that day to me, the Big Man and the girls.

I can imagine one-sentence journal dedicated to more specific topics, as well. It might be useful to have one-sentence journal about your career – especially useful if you were starting a new business. It might be helpful to keep a one-sentence journal as you were going through a divorce, a cancer treatment, or other kind of catastrophic event. It would be lovely to keep a one-sentence journal when you were falling in love.

I want to try to keep this type of journal here. It is also a help when it comes to end of month/end of year reviews! It will tie in nicely into my Documenting Life Project. Writing one sentence a day sounds fairly easy, and it is; at the end of the year, it adds up to a marvelous record.

It is so lovely to read about Gretchen’s experience with her one-sentence journal! And at the end of the year she prints them – here is a great opportunity to turn it into a nice scrapbook! A mix of any sort of project life/365/year in review and a happiness movement with the most popular gratitude journalling!

So, here I come! – Do you want to join in?


What do YOU think?

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