Parenting #1: What Parenting Means to Me…

So, here is my first topic and my first layout!

It was quite interesting to see how my journey through layouts, papers, styles and templates made me reconsider my initial ideas about this journal. At the end I decided – this will be a “doodle” style, very light and airy journal. Simple, with a lot of hand drawn elements but still, quite story driven and hence word heavy.

Another discovery made me change my approach to how precisely to follow the instructions in the book. I started to complete the first topic and realised very quickly that this journal may become quite heavy, emotionally challenging reading, one that you not necessarily would feel comfortable sharing or other people might be uncomfortable reading. So I’ve decided to journal it as an interview where by my children will be asking me all the questions and I will be having a conversation with them – there and then on my pages. This, somehow makes it a happier journal.

I’ve picked a double-page 11×11 layout. I will keep most of the journalling on the left and use the right page for a photo, doodles and a bit of “overflow” journalling. Part of me thinks, that by the time I’ve scraped to the topic 10 or so I would probably change some of my approach as I will become more confident in what I do:-)

Here is the first topic and my fist attempt! I feel there is still something missing and something needs tweaking to link the two pages together. I am certain I will change the layout slightly later on!

What you see here posted today is actually a second version. I spent a day fiddling with it and am actually quite please with the result. And here is a link to the first version (left and right page) so you can have a look how I progressed (or not):-)
Each double page will have a number (as the topics are numbered on my list) and the title of that particular topic on the top of the page. The small strip in the left/right corner of the page will say which part of the journal we are in, e.g. “Making Room for Parenting”. (I removed this in my second version of the layout, but might introduce it again in a bit different form. It will help the whole book to flow better I just need to figure out how to do it best).


One thought on “Parenting #1: What Parenting Means to Me…

  1. I happened upon your blog via the Project Life Community. Wow! I am loving it! Your posts are inspiring me to try some of these projects for myself. (I took the Yesterday/Today course in 2010, but unfortunately didn’t really do anything with it.) Keep up the good work, thank you for all the wonderful inspiration, and I look forward to seeing what’s next!


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