One Sentence Journal: And a Disappearing Post

One of my posts gone missing, I can see it on my feed but not on my blog… Apologies if it’s just me, but here it comes again!


It would not be me if I had not went on investigating further about the “how” of one sentence journalling to uncover different techniques to help structure the task. Here is a quick run down of what I found quite interesting and helpful (as it would allow to take photos to correspond with journalling and hence the scrapbooking later will be easier too)

Topic du Jour

write down on one page 30 areas of your life that you want to pay some attention to. Then, at the end of each day write down one-two sentences analysing the correspondent topic. You may end up writing about your plans, or maybe about a specific problem you’re facing in that area. Or perhaps you will end up just babbling — it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you’ll be spending those few daily minutes specifically giving attention to what matters in your life. Topics might be: career, relationship with spouse, health, learning, children, money, friends, creativity, etc. At the year’s end you would have journalled about each of these areas 12 times – might be quite interesting to see if there is any development, patterns emerging!


This is journalling in mind map format. This debunks the myth that a journal needs to be a long and verbose piece. You journal can be made of mind maps, drawings or just doodles if you like!

I wonder – what if I combine the two techniques together and mind map my daily journal on a pre-selected topic including photos taken on that day… or if I was to create a mind map for a monthly review and use it as the main photo…

I am getting carried away, aren’t I?:-) But, hey, here is my take on a mind map: a journalling entry from yesterday mind mapped! I used a brief and cool tutorial on how to draw pretty mind maps to create mine.


You suppose to add A Quotation you like every day. These are great for quick pick-me-ups, sparks for writing or just as inspirational focus points. Here’s one to get you started by an unknown author, “”We Do Not Remember Days, We Remember Moments.”  Get those moments down.


5 thoughts on “One Sentence Journal: And a Disappearing Post

  1. This comment doesn’t really apply to this post in particular, but I was wondering if you knew about the free course “Your Place in the Sun” that’s going on at I thought it might be of interest to you, or might come in handy for future reference. It’s currently on my to-do list, but I’m not exactly sure how to incorporate it into everything else I want to do. (I also live in a VERY small town, and feel like a lot of the things covered won’t apply, but I still like the concept of it.)


  2. I think it’s a very interesting topic to scrap about! Obviously I don’t know where you live but if YOU like the place you will find something that’s worth telling and preserving.
    I definitely keep it in mind, you are right – it might develop into a new idea…. Just need to move to a place that I like!:-)


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