Journalling Prompt: What Makes You Smile?

You maybe remember that I set up a Google calendar to send me photo and journalling prompts every two weeks to keep me going  for the next 12 month with Documenting Life Project.

Here is my take on this prompt. I decided to try one of the journalling techniques – creating a list:

13 things that make me smile

  1. Henry (just by simply being there)
  2. Receiving a good news
  3. Looking through the photos I’ve taken of my family
  4. Beautifully looking plate of food
  5. Daydreaming
  6. Nigel making a joke
  7. Eating ice cream
  8. Anticipating something nice
  9. Taking train to Paris
  10. Strolling in a well-stocked book shop
  11. Having a Latte in a coffee shop
  12. Playing with any new gadget (iPhone, camera, new software)
  13. Crafting a post for my blog (really!)

What do YOU think?

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