More Happiness Now!

I somehow feel that I am getting too engrossed in some sort soul-searching and self-discovery journey with all the project I’ve started this year. And actually… actually I just want joy and happiness, some sunshine . May be it is the English weather now with its grey and rainy days that make me feel not joyful enough

To do something about it I’ve decided to introduce another arty project into my life!:-) This time it’s NOT digital! (I can’t believe I am saying it) I have so much stash left from last month. I thought I was making a hybrid December Daily so I bought so many papers, album covers, embellishments – none of it used up. It all sits there quietly in a corner and every time my eyes wander there I feel guilty!

Anyway – this project is about using up the stash (as much as I can) and creating something that will make me feel just happy and sunny…

Every week I will publish here a prompt from a wonderful book I received last week called “The Happy Book“. Actually it is already set up as a journal where you can write and be creative but I don’t like the way it’s bounded and I am not comfortable writing in books even if they are made for this:-)

Anyway, as I just said – I will publish two prompts each Sunday and then post the result on Saturday a week later giving me 6 days to complete the tasks. They are easy and fun, so two are absolutely  OK and easy to do in a week.

I will photograph the album, the stash I am using etc. so you can see how the album will be coming together. From quite a long list of tasks I’ve selected 40 – so enough to keep me busy for nearly half a year:-)

To get started for this week the tasks are:

First task:
For the very first page of your journal write in the middle of the page a complimentary arbitrary rule for your book. Below is mine:

If You Think Girly Is Daft You Are Not Allowed to Write In This Journal

Second task: think of a manifesto for your journal and write in underneath. Here is what the book’s authors manifesto says:

“Thinking about what makes you happy, makes you happy.

Writing about what makes you happy, makes you happy.

Reading about what makes you happy, makes you happy.

Asking others to think, read, and write about what makes them happy, makes you happy. The nice side effect? It also makes you happy”

Here is a lovely article about writing a happiness manifesto. I didn’t know all that stuff – will give it a go (rather then coping the book’s manifesto as I initially planned) :-)


Oh, and here is the stash I will be using: first is a lovely red 8×8 album that came already with three binding rings. Lush – Flocked Chipboard 8 x 8 Album – Red Finch

I also will be using plain card stock that I ordered by Papaerchase. It’s Champagne Laid Card (A4 size, so I would need to cut it down) and is branded paperworks#57 and is 220gsm, so proper nice cardstock that will be able to deal with any collage, paint or other products of my creativity I decide to through at it:-)

I will cut the paper to 19×19 cm, so that the paper square is completely covered by the album cover. Oh, and this set up will also give me an opportunity to use my newly bought (and never used) crop-a-dial I bought my by eBay  though.


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