Parenting #2: What was your childhood like?

This time I merely took the exercise in the book as an inspiration. If you want to do it more like it is suggested in the book, here are the instructions:

  1. Select one picture from your childhood or teenage years that speaks to you. With your nondominant hand, answer the following questions: who is in the picture? What was goining on at the time the picture was taken? If each person in the picture could talk, what would he or she say? What is important to each person appearing in the picture, including yourself? Are any pets in the picture? What would the pet say about your family?
  2. Using your nondominant hand, draw a scene that you re-call from childhood. Choose something that includes your family. Stick figures are fine!
  3. Look at the picture you just drew. With your nondominant hand, write about it (as suggested in step 1). Briefly describe what’s going on in the picture and what each person in the picture says. What is important to each of the people portrayed, including yourself?

So, and below my take on this exercise!:-)

Very text heavy, I know… Can you imagine what my Yesterday and Today pages will look like? This story was quickly done as it was one of those that I wanted to cover in Y&T book. I think I would have filled another page or two if I could!

Next topic will be all about family rules and values. So, again has a good chance to be quite text heavy – hopefully I will come up with an idea how to break it up into something less daunting…


What do YOU think?

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