Have you ever been to a maternity ward?

I wondered how many of you ever been to a maternity ward in a UK NHS (public) hospital? I somehow think – not many! Here is me trying my skills in photo reportage:-) Thank god for iPhones and all the cool apps

Ice Cream is generally fun, not so if it is just before a painful injection!

Looking not bad for the circumstances, IMHO!

Being closely monitored, about 4 times a day two sticky things on my belly recording baby's heart beat and possible contractions

Gas & Air particular popular with dads in the second stage of mums' labour

Nigel trying to figure out how to use that stupid TV:-)

Down that far end of the corridor there are mums with babies - down this end just mums, yet

The only difference between ante- and postnatal rooms: we get the couches, they - baby cots

My very medical records

An unusual take on a pudding - a very green banana


2 thoughts on “Have you ever been to a maternity ward?

  1. oh, that’s just me being creative!:-) I found that deeply green banana so odd that I wanted to place it in an odd tray as well, plus needed something to show more of a colour contrast:-)


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