One Sentence Journal #10

Journalling: Oh, what a day! First thing this morning – sunk my iPhone in the toilette! Every single phone I’ve owned in the last four years ended up in the toilette so far! This time I was cleverer though – I bought an insurance, so tomorrow I’ll receive a new one. The rest of the day I spent on a couch asleep and trying to guess if what I feel are Braxton Hicks or contractions. Decided it’s the former. Am off to the first NCT refresher class for second time mums tonight


One thought on “One Sentence Journal #10

  1. My cell always get securely put down my bra, a habit I got into from not having pockets a lot of the time. I get a lot of flack from people when they see me retrieve it from there, but I have never dropped one in the toilet! Perhaps you should try it, save drowning any more phones :)


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