Happy Weekend: update

So, the first week and my first update! This was a busy time, I had to create an album and to the first two pages. I spent way too much time on this project and I found it quite challenging – but this is because everything that involves things for real, rather than digitally, makes me feel very nervous and I tend to over-think a lot:-). My album has now 60 pages (just because I found a stash of 60 pages of the same paper:-) ) Each page measures about 17.5x19cm. My next step here is to figure out how the binding rings work – I have no idea! I thought I would just somehow open then and then snap back together, but, no – it’s not that simple:-)

Any way here are my first two pages:


My arbitrary rule has changed a bit since I’ve posted it last time. It now reads: Think girly makes happy? Write in this journal. – This is just a positive way of saying what I wanted to say initially. I just thought it’s a happy book, so I want to phrase everything in a positive way.

I placed my rule inside a maṇḍala, the first ever drawn by me! I used this maṇḍala tutorial to get an idea of how to do it. You remember that I promised my self that I won’t buy anything to complete this project – hence I had to be inventive when drawing circles:-)  I used bowls and a saucer! I left the middle empty to put the rule inside it.

Being a bit of a perfectionist I had to have my text to look aligned and similar to the text on the other side of the page. I aligned everything  and selected font on my computer, printed it all out and then used tracing paper to transfer the outline of all the words. I coloured it with the same pen I used on the other page. May be you already spotted that I traced the text the wrong way around – the binding wholes now are on the left (as they are on the other page) – I can’t simply put the pages together anymore, need to cut this maṇḍala out and glue it to another page – you see, having 60 pages for 40 activities makes suddenly perfect sense:-)


My Manifesto was real fun to put together!. Here is what it actually says:

Lerner to accept. Apply your efforts where you can do most. Become best possible version of yourself
Spend time with people I love. Don’t let circumstances deprive me of their company
Focus on the good Almost everything has a positive side
Simplify find what you love most then eliminate distractions
Find happiness in little things that happen in everyday life
Learn to experience life as it happens – appreciate what is here and now
Slow down to smell the roses and the coffee. Slow gown so happiness can catch up with you
Make time for quiet and solitude. Spend time in nature
Avoid negative people. Avoid contact with negative people, places, news, places (oh well…. nothing I can do about this “places” repetition – I am NOT re-creating the page for that!)

You can see, that I’ve coloured the edges of the manifesto with the same pencils the as used for the Rule. The main reason manifesto is on a separate pages glued into the book is because I printed out the headings in a very light grey and traced them with a pen, adding handwritten second line.

Overall it probably took me three hours to complete these two pages, and I promise that by next week I would have come up with an idea on how to cut the time! Currently I am thinking about decorating all pages in one or two goes, and using photo corners to attach the content. But we will see what I will end up doing:-)


What do YOU think?

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