One Sentence Journal #14


Just don’t want to pretend that the day was anything else but grey. I’ve finished a very pretty mandala for my parenting journal and  yet – the day was just dull.
For some reason I am so exhausted that today I spent most afternoon in bed, and now, at 9pm I am already in bed again. Me, who never goes to bed before midnight at earliest!
I am lacking energy, so suddenly, since early last week. I am grumpy, and very short-tempered… And I am tiered of being tiered!
Topic du Jour: C’est triste!

2 thoughts on “One Sentence Journal #14

  1. It must be hard, but your body is slowing “you” down intentionally. Listen to your body, keep journaling & doing quiet things that you love. Enjoy this time as much as possible. good luck


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