Parenting #3: How were your raised?

This theme is all about family values, rules and how they made you feel when you were growing up. I broadly followed the instructions in the book. I don’t use the nondominant/dominant hand approach, I just type everything on my laptop.









If you want to do it more like the book suggests, then here is a quick run down of the original instructions:

  1. With your nondominant hand, write word Rules at the top of your page. Then make a list of the most important household rules you had to obey (both spoken and unspoken). What was expected of you? What behaviour was praised or rewarded? What was forbidden? What were the consequences for breaking the rules?
  2. With your nondominant hand, draw a picture showing things that were valued in your family. Use symbols such as musical notes for music.
  3. Witch your dominant hand, on the next page write down the message that you got from your parents about what’s important in life
  4. Look at your picture again and then read what you’ve just wrote in step 3. Do you genuinely value any of the things your family thought were important? Are there things you do not value? Write about them using your dominant hand.

What do YOU think?

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