My iPhoneography Challenges

I’ve participated in several photographic challenges around the internet, just to keep me taking photos for my Documenting Life project. And I thought I should share them with you. I also will continue to update what I’ve done for each of my challenges. I may do it once a month or so – we’ll how it goes!

But let me start with my photo challenges.

I have chosen my personal bi-weekly photo prompts from the 365 project list of DSP. The first prompt was Newness:

Prompt for this and next week is: Breakfast

So, two major challenges are 52 photos in 52 weeks 2011 and MCP Project 52: Photo a Week.

In 52×52 challenge topics so far were:

Evening and Independence



The MCP 52 weeks challenge is a bit more difficult I find. The number of people participating is ten times higher and a lot of them are professional photographers…

So far I’ve submitted photos for Shades of Grey and Illustrate a Song


I’m swimming towards the sun.

And I…I’m not the only one.

And I…I’m getting that feeling,

For everyone.
(Simple Minds)


Both of the projects have published their next challenges for week 4: Shadow (52×52) and … Soothing Repetition (!) by MCP 52. For the shadow topic – still waiting for some sunshine and soothing repetitions waiting for inspiration (aka AN Idea, just one would be OK to start with!


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