Happy Weekend: update

I only was able to finish half of my plan for the week! I’ve created my happy list but didn’t’ get to finish the poem. Not that I didn’t have a poem… my printer broke!

Just to re-iterate: my digital camera broke early December and I gave it away to be repaired first week in January –  it is still not being repaired, I haven’t heard anything back from them. I also found out that my printer can’t handle anything but standard A4 paper and only if it’s really thin… So no printing on card stock! And this week – it just stopped printing all together. You cannot even begin to imagine how annoyed I am right now! I had a beautiful plan on how to integrate all those poems, lists etc. into my journal and did involve printing – now I can’t do anything. And you know I don’t feel motivated to be creative about it, cause it’s not much fun when nothing you want to do works:-(

But, at least I discovered PROMARKERs – really cool for colouring:-) They are beautiful, and I really enjoy using them!


What do YOU think?

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