Parenting #4: What did you like about your childhood?

Huh… this was a tough one. Not so much the content of the pages, but rather the layout… In its essence, this chapter consists of a number of gratitude letters addressed to the members of your family, to people who raised you. You suppose to put in photos of all of them and address the individually in a personal letter outlining what it is you are thankful for. For all the less pleasant bits there will be another chapter, this one is just to say thank you.

Now, my first challenge was the  language!

There was no way I would have written those letters in English in particular as my grandparents didn’t speak English and we only used Russian in our family… So I wasn’t sure how to combine two languages in one spread and what will get more space and prominence. Should I write the same letter in two languages? At the end I decided that if anyone (like my children) would be particularly interested in the content of these two pages they will figure out how to translate/understand what’s written there. (Part of me hopes, that they will grow up speaking Russian, but you never know)

Another challenge were the pictures. I only have a handful of old photos so I keep using them in all my projects and am getting tiered of them… Overall I wasn’t sure how to design/decorate the page. This one would have been easier to complete in its paper version, in particular as I was supposed to draw a representative picture of each relationship – this is quite difficult (I found) if you are not truly familiar with all the Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and what ever else is there. So I went for something more generic.

On a positive note – this layout is to nearly 100% built based on the Jessica Sprague lessons (in particular #20 & 18). I got a bit carried away and applied those techniques on both pages, and the layout is a bit … boring:-)

Anyway – here it is, and sorry, the journalling is in Russian:-)


What do YOU think?

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