Parenting #5: What does the Ideal Parent Look Like?

Oh… what a layout. I mean… I was very brave this time:-) I made something with my own hands… I created a collage, made of magazines cuttings and 3D elements cut off the cards I bought. Nice morning spent in a café cutting paper and glueing elements together! I wonder what people around thought about me:-) I then scanned it in my local photo shop and at home erased the background in PSE (just a bit here and there) to make it look a bit more real rather than just being an imaged inserted onto a digital page… Now I know – creating your own embellishments to use for scrapbooking (2 and 3 dimensional) is quite easy (though – at least in my case) buying digital once is way cheaper!

I really liked this part of this journal! I had to create a job ad describing what kind of parent I (as a child) would be looking for. I had to describe the job, what qualifications ideal parent would need to have, traits they need to posses, experience and references:-) And then, on the opposite page I had to write my letter applying for the job and create a collage that would represent what family means to me, what an ideally family would look like. LOVED IT!:-)


What do YOU think?

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