Assessing what’s next

I’ve been thinking about this post for a number of days. Now it’s time to write it. Two years ago I stared a blog that I really enjoyed writing for. I’ve spent a lot of time and effort making it all to look and sound perfect.  And then two months later my son was born and I wasn’t able to keep it up so my blog died.

I don’t want it to happen again! I so love what I am doing here, I love taking pictures, writing my journalling and I know that there are people out there reading stuff I write (and this is the greatest, the best thing ever!)

I spent days thinking about how to learn from my last experience and how to make sure that I can continue this blog through out the birth and the first months with a new baby…

The obvious would be to  find what I enjoy the most as I am most likely to get a boost of positive emotions every time I do it (rather than feeling that I “must”) – the daily journalling is my favourite and photographing (in particular now, where taking photos with iPhone is as creative as using my DSLR). Continuing with this would mean that I can continue with my Documenting Life project!

I surrendered to the fact that for a while I will be making iPhone photos, sharing them on Flickr and then posting straight from there. I hope I will later catch up and put all my journalling in the PSE template I was using the last two months:-)

I also will be doing a lot of one-off lay outs because I truly enjoy digital scrapbooking and I will have so many photos:-) Here is the one I have to do Conversations by Paislee Press . By the way I like pretty much everything I see on their blog – the style is very simple and pretty:-) and I also like what they do with the photos (post-processing with RAD Actions in PSE).

I will finish Yesterday and Today project as I think it will be a great little book to have for my children! And I hate dropping things mid way…  I can’t continue with my Happiness book and maybe not with my parenting book  either just because takes too much time, unfortunately. May it’s also because all my photos, templates etc was lost two days ago… (my fault but it doesn’t make it any better)

I really hope you will stay with me and enjoy reading my posts… (Dreading email notifications coming into my mailbox with all the people unsubscribing)


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