SPRING! Really!

I can’t yet quite believe it but it looks like the spring might be just around the corner! It was such a pleasant day today, full of sunshine, birds songs and crisp, cool air with a hint of spring sent in the air. It was so beautiful that I got Henry and Inese up and in the car by 10am to go to a park:-) Unfortunately we forgot Henry’s gloves so he could enjoy may be the first ten minutes and then his fingers started to freeze (two adults looking after one child and we haven’t managed to dress him properly for a walk in a park!)

Luckily just half an hour after we’ve arrived at the park my all time fav cafe has opened. ChaChaCha is a small, extremely child-friendly place with an adjoined playground, in the middle of the Cassiobury Park. I never saw Henry drinking his Babychinno (warm mils with a lot of milk foam, topped with cocoa) so quickly! He obviously was starting to be generally cold

which one do you like more? Both of these collages have a bit of post-processing and “stuff” and I just wonder if it’s me enjoying the new toy and I will return to more serious images or if it’s actually pretty?

OK, by now you probably can tell that I am all over the collage options offered at www.picnik.com as well as creating stitched panoramas with the new app that I bought for my iPhone. Here is my latest attempt on a panorama. It’s not perfect, I somehow managed to get the middle images out of focus, but apart from that a bit of post-processing with Camaera+ app and I actually quite like the result.

oh and this is my most favorite image of today:-) just decided to add it in full size here, a bit self-indulgent, I know!


4 thoughts on “SPRING! Really!

  1. I think your collages look great!

    I wish you could send some spring weather my way. :) It’s been so cold lately! Hopefully it will warm up soon! (I live in the States, in South Dakota.)


  2. I somehow missed that last photo when I commented earlier. I love that vibrant blue (and the composition too, of course)! I can certainly see why it was your favorite.


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