One sentence journal 33

Well… How should I put it… I’m a bit in a shock:-) I somehow felt baby not really moving today (no worries, baby is fine!) so decided I want to come into the hospital and check it out. I have about an hour drive to st.mary’s by the time I got there baby was moving and happy so a little bit apprehensive and thinking that ” I’m pathetic” did I come in to the labour ward to monitor baby movements. That was at six – fast forward to ten and I am now being admitted to stay some where between over night-until Monday-until the 7th March (oh, that’s when my c-section is now booked for! An obstetrician felt she must book it now straight away) what happened? Baby moved from being 3/5 engaged at 32weeks into… Being transverse with cord dangling in front of the cervix at 36 weeks. Basically under any circumstances am I now allowed to go into labour until baby moves into a better position or my section that can’t take place before I am 39 weeks (07.03)… It will be up to the obstetricians tomorrow to decide how long they want to keep an eye on me. And again I’ve been told that if my waters break I must call 999 and go to the nearest hospital…
It’s just not fun anymore, really!
On one side I was lucky that I suddenly decided to go to the hospital, I went grocery shopping (and dealt with it very ver quickly, which is quite unusual) then came home, got my maternity file and just said “I want to go to the hospital to be checked out” and off I went…
On the other hand I didn’t have any spare clothes with me because I didn’t anticipate to be kept in! Now I am sitting on a hospital bed in a hospital gown and Nigel won’t make it in today because its already so late and I passed him a tummy bug that I had myself earlier this week. Poor Nigel is home alone sick in bed
Luckily Olga is there (new nanny) and staying with us until Monday so tomorrow Nigel can come over without having to take Henry with him…

I’m getting a bit worried and scared about everything… Even though I wanted a c-section, now knowing it’s going to happen for sure makes me really uncomfortable…


9 thoughts on “One sentence journal 33

    1. Thank you Megan! I’m kinda really shocked … I truly haven’t been expecting or anticipating or “feeling” anything. Doctor first thought I am due 12 Feb and went on to shedule c-section for the coming Monday and I just was sitting there with my eyes wide open and wondering f it’s all happening for real:-)


  1. Just take a deep breath and remember that you are now in the best place! I know it’s hard to be parted from baby and Nig, but thank heavens the nanny is there… amazing how things fall in to place. Much love to you all. xx


  2. Thank you:-) yep, in a way it all was quite lucky, now I think about it…:-)
    Gish, imagine they’ll keep me until the section here… And we have invited people to celebrate Henry’s bDay next week…
    Funny though I nearly completed rearranging and decorating Henrys room, what’s left to be done doesn’t require me being there…
    Dud you know that if my waters break I only have 20 to get a c-section?


  3. The addmitting doctor gave hell of a fright! Even though she had my notes in front of her she clearly didn’t read them. She went like
    – Ok, I want to induce you now
    – ???!! (I had a previouse c-section, they don’t induce in UK in this case)
    – oh, I see, I can’t induce you, you had a c-section
    – ok, I’ll schedule for a c-section on Monday. Christine, can you please book this lady for a section on Monday morning? So, when are you due?
    – 12th of March
    – you mean February?!
    – no, March
    – oh, then you can’t have a c-section on Monday. I’ll book you for the 7th March then

    I hope she is not actually performing my c-section as she will probably look for a uterus in a wrong place:-)


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