One Sentence Journal #44

This is not a simple cat, this is a very special cat, indeed!

Today was a day of “first times”In the morning, for the first time Henry made cat’s eyes and mouth all by himself rather than being prompted by Inese, he also decided what to do with them (to stick on cat’s face) rather than following instructions like “put the eyes here”, etc. Then we went to an arts class at Gymboree where Henry for the first time ever sat through the 10 minutes of a story time listening to a story! Then he painted a picture, sitting down for about another 15 minutes. His drawing was all about circles (from my memory the ability to draw circles means a step-development in children’s abilities)  All done by himself alone, totally ingrained in the process – I am glad I was there to actually see it for myself rather than being told by Inese in the evening:-) In the afternoon it continued – he learned how to climb up a very high platform that he was struggling with for the last couple of weeks.

A truly remarkable day in Henry’s life!


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