One Sentence Journal #56

How I became famous.
George has jaundice so the treatment is to put to the nappy stripped down baby in a cot, blindfold him so that baby doesn’t look into the blue light and damages her sight and let the baby lay in the cit with the overhead blue light for 6 hours.
After being blind and naked and the light for about 30 minutes George’s world nearly collapsed. I know how babies cry, this was a cry full of horror and desperation. I couldn’t care less about the rules and treatments at that moment.
I asked midwife to move the cot away and put the lights above my bed; towered two pillows so that George laying on them would just be under my armpit while I would half lay down on the bed. He calmed down within a minute and we spent a blue and happy night. Some midwifes cane to see us and were very interested in what I’ve created out pillows and desperation
Next day (today) was time for session #2, administered by a paediatrician who was accusing me not to understand the danger of jaundice and refusing to deal with someone so unreasonable like me (all because I insisted on laying George in bed under the lights) her argument was “all babies cry and find it distressing” (her logic was lost on me) I still set it all up my way. She stormed out of the room and was never seen again. Couple hours later several people came in to have a look and one, a midwife and breastfeeding councelor) asked us to take a picture (below) and send it to her so she can print it, carry it with her and show mothers with jaundice babies!
Oh, the start of our conversation with that midwife was:
-how have they allowed you?!
-they haven’t
-so how have you done it then?
-?! Just did
-I remember I wanted to do it for my baby but they wouldn’t let me…

The key to success: distance between baby on the pillow and the blue light is the same as distance between baby in the cot and thx blue light

George is getting better with each treatment so clearly this set up works and delivers :-)


8 thoughts on “One Sentence Journal #56

  1. Thank you for this. My little girl received therapy, too. She was not happy. Soon to give birth to second, and if he needs therapy, then I am insisting on doing this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


    1. It was great to be able to do it like this. And George was a happy baby for all of the time. Though be prepared for nurses and doctors not to like your idea and trying to make it hard to implement:-)


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