One Sentence Journal #62

Sling rules!

Our little son made us an offer that both of us couldn’t refuse – we carry him around all day long in a sling or just some how hugged and he sleeps, eats and poos like other babies do (and not like the previous couple of days when he would not sleep for 3-4 hours  but instead just eat and poo :-)

Nights are particularly interesting right now – if we swaddled him and put into the co-sleeping cot he would sleep for may be two hours before feeding and having a moan, but if I take him with us into bed and sleep with him on my chest we get about 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep! It all good – just worried that he might suffocate by rolling to one of the sides and into a space between me and a pillow…

And I am silently wondering how I ever will manage moving him to sleep in a cot/bed… but then, he is only 10 days old and I kind of understand that being swaddled and with a silicon thing pushed in your mouth (aka dummy) laid down in an open and kind of cold space is probably not what my son had in mind when thinking about his future?


What do YOU think?

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