One Sentence Journal # 65

I was dreading this Saturday a lot. The very first time me and Nigel would be alone home with two kids. No help, no nannies, no relatives or friends – just four of us, eye to eye.

So, the day has passed and I have to say it was extremely pleasant and not scary or stressful at all. Somehow dealing with a newborn 24/7 makes dealing with a toddler a walk in a park and a really enjoyable activity:-) With a two-year old everything is so straight forward and much more civilised then with a baby. I suppose this is how it now always will be: Henry will appear by comparison so much older and mature then he actually is but spending time with him will suddenly be a treat rather than hard work…

Loving it!


4 thoughts on “One Sentence Journal # 65

  1. I’m glad your day went well! Having two is definitely a huge adjustment.

    My daughters are three years apart (and are now 8 and almost 5). Your statement of “Henry will appear by comparison so much older and mature then he actually is …” couldn’t be more accurate. I sometimes find myself still wanting to “baby” my youngest about some things that I expected her sister to grown up about at the same age, and even younger. And I can remember thinking how my firstborn suddenly seemed so HUGE in comparison to the tiny newborn.


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