One Sentence Journal #98


I got told off at the play ground for Henry’s behaviour… He was head-butting a younger child.

Saw a really good nursery today. I loved it and wanted to enrol Henry straight away. Later though I had to admit that it’s not as good as it first cane across but I also probably won’t find a nursery that I will truly like. What I didn’t like about thus one?
1. They praise children by saying “good boy” – it’s wrong!!! All boys (girls) are good it’s only the particular behaviour that’s bad or good!
2. Manager was encouraging Henry to come indoors by saying “mummy is leaving now!” – no I am not, and I don’t lie to children and I am not trying to frighten them

And I don’t like that children are bring simply trained to react to commands (share, sit, be nice, etc) rather then time is invested to help them understand and do things out of free will rather then like a Plavlov’s dog


2 thoughts on “One Sentence Journal #98

  1. What should they say, in your opinion, when they want to praise a child? What do you normally say? And what about when you want to say that you’re not pleased about something?


    1. I usually say “well done” or I say “draw on a paper” (rather then “bad boy! Don’t draw on the wall”)
      I praise what has been done, if it makes sense? And when I don’t like something I try to say what I want him to do instead, rather then say that something was not good…
      It’s more constructive to say, IMHO, what and how to DO things rather then to talk about how NOT to…

      Also in Russian we use a word (молодец) which is similar to “good boy” but in Russian it doesn’t have a negative state (good vs. bad boy)


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