What do normal mothers do when their children are at nursery? Relax, go shopping, clean the house…

Being short of disposable cash on one hand and having too much time and house help on the other resulted in me spending time by enrolling Henry to a riding school on an afternoon (will try this one out later today), reading copious amounts of picture books because I want to write my own for Henry and George (in Russian) and seriously investigating home-schooling him and George up until they are at least six or seven.
At the end of the day only UK, Malta and Holland start schooling before six. All other European countries start formal education with six or seven years.

I went to school when I was seven and I never been to a nursery to prepare me for school.
And yet, I am nearly normal, academically brilliant and extraordinary humble about it too:-)

And the quote below is from a BBC article

The origin of such an early start, introduced in 1870, had little to do with education, says the Primary Review report.
Entering full-time education at such a tender age meant reducing the malign influence of Victorian feckless parents – it was about child protection and social conditioning rather than learning.
And it was an attempt to appease suspicious employers, who were worried that starting any later would remove their supply of juvenile workers. An early start meant an early school leaving age.


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