One sentence journal #140


Spent all day with George in A&E in Watford hospital. First they though I am being an overcautious mother and then we ended with a lumbar puncition and an iv in his hand.
We are home now, need to go back to the hospital every 24 hours to get antibiotics (30 minutes under the drip, hence the iv that’s still in George’s hand).
Results should be there by Sunday or Monday. At least we know it’s not meningitis


5 thoughts on “One sentence journal #140

  1. Oh my! (Mother’s intuition is an amazing thing, isn’t it?) Thinking of you, and wishing George a speedy recovery.


  2. Well they detected protein in blood, which would indicate an inflammation and because he is under 3 months they had to take spinal fluid to test and found white blood cells in it. it can be normal in young babies and does not have to be anything bad – we will know more once they’ve grown the blood cultures (tomorrow or Monday)


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