State of Affairs

I thought it would be a good idea to get an English nanny to come for a couple of days and spend time with Henry to help him learn English. I published an ad on Gumtree and specified that it’s not a sole-charge position and I will be happy with a recent school/college graduate. I have explicitly mentioned the fluency of English as a prerequisite. (They refused to publish my ad as log as it said “mother tongue English”). Here are some examples of applications I have received so far:

1. This girl is a second year University student. She is is studying to become a primary teacher

I have had experience working with various different childrenas because of my course I have been places in a variety of schools.Through my university degree I have had the opportunity to work with a range of different children in different types of schools. <…> Through my experience I have gained various skills and have grown as a person developing my understanding about dealing with children in the best way possible.

2. Here is another applicant. She worked as an intern in a school just around the corner.

Duties: I worked in the different classrooms, working with different ages throughout the week. I had to work as a team with other staff members throughout the week, which I enjoyed. During my time there I learnt how to be more independent and met new people who helped me through my works experience.

3. And this is an example of an email (aka cover letter)

hi..i just seen your ad in gumtree..and i would like 2 send my cv to you to see.if you feel to select me..i would do my level best to tkc of ur kids..

Now, you would think the applicant above is just a nice young lady seeking employment and not everyone mastered written English straight after moving to UK. But, what does her CV tells me? She is a qualified (UK qualified that is) teacher!

Career History

 2007-2010 Teacher at xxx College.

2005-2007 xxx montissori house of children.

Qualifications and training

  • Following a diploma in teaching course at west herts college.UK.
  • Oxford college UK. HND in IT
  • 2001-2002 diploma in pre school teacher training.


Any one still wondering why I am seriously considering private education for my boys?



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