Week in Life – Monday


11 thoughts on “Week in Life – Monday

  1. I didn’t do a very good job getting my WITL started today … maybe tomorrow. I really like how you did yours! For some reason, it didn’t occur to me to hit the “highlights” of the day. I got behind in my documenting with the words & photos, and then just sort of “gave up.” Yours is definitely motivating me to give it another try.


    1. All of the photos were taken with my DSLR. I just uploaded an additional page – there all pics are from my iPhone and then “done up” with an Instagram filter. Though, I don’t think Instagram filters are a good idea…
      The only way to get a really good photo with iPhone, I find, is a) get an iPhone 4; b) you need really loads of light! I’ve seen a remarkable difference in the quality of my photos taken with the iPhone 4 and compared to the previous model I had…
      Also, on eof the reasons I will be publishing this book in a 8×8 or 5×5 size is because I will be using a lot of iphone photos and I know they won’t be sharp enough to look good in a 12×12 book


  2. Great job on your photos and having the first page done. It would be great to do a digital album. Still have to learn more about it though. Good luck on day 2


    1. And I am full of admiration for people who can do a paper (-propper) scrapbook! I have two huge boxes full of scrapbook utensils (like papers, embellishments, etc.) Never done a thing with them – I just freeze because I am terrified to make a mistake, make them not look nice. With digital albums it is so much easier for me because I can re-do things endlessly!


  3. I am the same way and have been for years. It would take me hours to scrap a layout then wouldn’t like it for some reason. Always worried about it being “PERFECT” or the paper looked so pretty I didn’t want to cut it up. I took a class at BPS early this year and really learned some new things that were holding me back and now I can scrap a little more easier. I still have some doubts but the class really helped. I agree about the digital way and it being much easier to change it and play around with it not being glued down. As long as we tell the story one way or another it’s all good I think. Hope your day was a good one.


  4. I have tons of fun & lovely scrapbook materials too, but rarely find time to use them. :-( Now they’re mostly packed up as I’m getting my house ready to go on the market, so I’m focusing on learning more about doing some quick (ha!) and easy (eventually, I hope :P) digital versions with templates, etc. Still takes me fooooooorever to look through & decide on a template, etc. Signed up for Library of Memories and although I’m not keeping up with the class, I’m hoping to poke through it bit by bit on my own and make some headway on the deluge of photos, etc. You’ve done a fabulous job getting started with your week. Whoo hoo!


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