Week in the Life – Saturday






6 thoughts on “Week in the Life – Saturday

  1. Hi!
    My name is Debbie. I was over at Ali Edwards blog and picked your WITL blog link at random out of the list on her post today. I purposely chose one that is not in the United States. I love your blog — it’s simple but interesting. I like how you put the times of day next to your WITL photos — great idea! Love your one-sentence journaling with photo too. From reading your recent posts, it looks like you are moving soon to Switzerland. I hope you will be able to keep on blogging there too. Your photography is wonderful too.
    Debbie in AZ (USA)


    1. OMG! Thank you so much for so much attention to my little blog and so much positive feedback!
      I am intending to blog a lot from Switzerland as most of my friends and family (my husband’s family from New Zealand in particular) follow this blog to get their scoop:-)


  2. Hi! I’m also randomly stopping by from Ali’s blog :) I’m quite impressed with your boys for waiting that long at the salon with you! If it was my husband and daughter, they would be complaining and wanting to leave after 10 minutes :) It’s also funny how you’re photographing yourself while they worked on your hair! Good luck with your move to Switzerland!


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