One Sentence Journal #184


Back to “normal” journaling!
It was so hot today! We went swimming, train riding and to the playground. Steffi, the new nanny, found a quick and effective way to make Henry and George friends again. I am so pleased! The whole jealousy thing was driving me mad and sad.
All she does is asking Henry constantly to help her looking after George!


3 thoughts on “One Sentence Journal #184

  1. how and what is she doing telling Henry to be looking after George thats sounds somehow and at thesame time you said she makes Henry and George to be friends again :)


    1. I don’t know why, but asking Henry to look after George makes him feel included, George becomes part of Henry’s life. Not that he actually has to do anything real


  2. Oh that’s sound so interesting am sure Henry would love that and i think the new nanny knows why she does that but i think is good for two brothers to care for each others, loving one another, maybe that’s what the nanny is trying to figure out to be friends again :)


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