Week in Life – The Book

So –  finished, done, dusted!

Below is the link to the book I now sent to print. I found a link to Ali Edward’s hand writing font free to download – used it all over the book, in particular to fill pages without photos

I’ve decided to print it as a spiral bound 8×8 photo-book to make it look a bit casual and with only 32 pages I don’t think it would have looked great in a proper hard or soft cover…

I only had 21 pages with content so the rest I filled up with photos as well as with lined paper and quotes or my own thoughts all written in Ali’s font. Seveal pages have photos without any text on them even though you clearly can see plenty of  “white space”. I just didn’t feel like writing anything on them, so when the book will arrive I might try and doodle/write on them with a pen (though I doubt I will ever write on a book, ever leave a mark that I can’t correct:-) – I need a anti-perfectionist therapy, really)
Photobox: Day in Life Book



3 thoughts on “Week in Life – The Book

  1. Lovely! It’s so cool to see how the digital templates worked when creating a book to print. I’m going to create a hybrid album from my WITL photos and then re-use the pages in a printed Yearbook 2011 of all the layouts from this year.


  2. It turned out great! I especially love the pages with large photos. I’m going to make a hybrid album with the baseball card size protectors between the printed out digital pages. Thanks for sharing!


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