One Sentence Journal # 200

 Henry’s first day in a Russian nursery here in Baar (Kanton Zug)… I was told off at the end of the session because Henry would push other kids. Though everyone agrees he is not an angry child and is not doing it out of anger (more out of excitement) I still have been told off… “So, what are we going to do with Henry?”

Now, coming Friday I was “ordered” to come and sit in for the whole three hours and develop together with the nursery teachers “the approach”  to Henry’s behavior…

Truth to be told the only reason I haven’t done anything about it is because I don’t know what to do… I can’t find anything that would go along with my intuition…

I think they might not take us if we don’t “fix” the “problem”… They ended up having of the two teachers paying attention to what Henry was doing all the time so that they could take him away when he was about to push a child… I personally would suggest that children push back and I certainly don’t want to tell him off – given this not so common approach I think they will ask us not to bring Henry anymore:-)


May be I am just wrong and stubborn and am about to make the life of my sun to hell… may be I am very very wrong…


2 thoughts on “One Sentence Journal # 200

  1. Sounds like they are doing their best to work out the solutions and it’s great that they got you on board too so you can all work it through together. Don’t stress too much..” this too shall pass”. He WILL get past this stage and they will get to know the wee boy that you all love so much. :)>
    Maybe lack of language is still what’s causing the frustration? Some kids just don’t know how to break in to play and have to be taught that skill.. and it sounds to me as if that’s what his teachers are doing. I hope they give him the right words to do that…it’s TOUGH being the “new kid on the block”. Remember that his whole world has changed at present..Give him 3wks, and I bet he will be a different kiddy. :)>


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