One Sentence Journal #209


Our airfreight finally arrived, three weeks after we left London!
George now is nearly to big for everything we packed for him, including his changing table which is way too short for him

What a disaster – the buggy board was not there. So after much deliberation I had to dash off, fifteen minutes before the only baby/maternity shop closed, to buy a second buggy board. I paid £50 for it in the UK and … CHF 150(!) here!!!! It’s just over hundred pounds!


3 thoughts on “One Sentence Journal #209

    1. It’s a board on two weals that’s attached to the push chair, so that the older child can stand/sit on it. Saves you to have a double buggy if the older one walks well on his own most of the time


  1. Funny thing – when you are packing you think it’s all the ” we can’t do without this” stuff.
    BUT, when it arrives, you often realise you didn’t even miss it.. ( buggy board excluded, obviously )


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