Many Moons Ago…

Hurray to Facebook – it keeps all your messages. So you suddenly come across what you were thinking and doing many many months and years ago… It’s odd to read it now



    • hi darling!! when is the baby due?? how u doing?

  • Anastasia Astridge

    22 January 2009
    • Hi:-)
      Baby due on the 14th of Feb:-) Hoep it stays theere for longer – have too many things to do before he arrives (not babay related) – i know it doesn’t sound very motherly, but hey – noone said I would be a crazy mama:-)

      How are you??? What are you doing these days?!:-)

  • Diana George

    23 January 2009

    • WOW 14 of Feb!! Valentines’ baby!!..

  • Anastasia Astridge

    24 January 2009


    • hm, it’s strange, everyone is saying that all they could think about is giving birth … I am actually quite comfortable with my pregnancy and I have so many htings to do (not babay related) that I hope he can stick in there until 42 weeks …but not that we have it under control!:-)
      I mean I have a huge bump and all that but still, I so got used to it, I dont’ care anymore … and the whole pregnancy was pretty easy too, no sickness no nothing …

      I am in the middle of my last erm at the Uni (HR master’s) so the longer I have before getting him out the easier it will be for me … I have to submitt my dissertation in September! (mom is coming over and I think she might be staying at least three months so that I have someone looking after the baby) – No she didn’t stay, and no – it wasn’t a good idea:-)

      Nigel is doing very good, climbing his career ladder quite well … we moved to Hertfordshire, so that we could by a three bed house (rather then a one bed flat in London:-) and my contractiting went extremlly well, I spent last 18 months on a project just across the road:-) and the last two months before I went on maternity they just let me come in and do nothing, but still invoicing them a pretty good daily rate:-) so now have enough money to stay home for a year …

      So many more things to tell!:-))) Are you back to work?

  • Diana George

    07 March 2009
    • so ?? boy or girl?? how u doing?

  • Anastasia Astridge

    08 March 2009
    • boy – henry alexander, born on the 22nd Feb 5.15 am (4.290 and 55 cm)
      62 hrs labor and c-section at the end :-) will put some pics today

  • Diana George

    09 March 2009

    • 63 hrs!! wow!!  congrats!!! looking forward to seeing pics!!!

  • Anastasia Astridge

    14 March 2009
    • I already started going to uni two weeks ago (so in my second week) I think I had luck with my c-section as I am recovering very well!

      henry is a nice baby – being 4.3 kg at birth he sleeps from 12am till 6am so I am quite pleased with him:-) (never mind that he than spends 3 hours feeding in the morning in one go!:-)) )
      I am looking forward to the time when he will start being a bit more sociable… smiling and stuff would be nice


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