One Sentence Journal #221


Oh the joy of human communication and social interactions!
Today I decided to prove my point with the nursery and took Henry for an hour into an older group (4-5y) all was fine! He was amazed by what older kids can do, wanted to please them and they were skilled enough not to get into trouble (wouldn’t hit or start a fight over a toy)
Also I now know that the major concern the nursery had was around the possibility of other children injuring themselves when Henry might push because they have stone floors in the room and a child might seriously get hurt.
So Henry wasn’t that bad it was more the “but what if” that kept everyone on their toes and quite stressed
The only reason why this nursery was so important is because it’s the only Russian nursery in the area
I am visiting a bilingual Montessori nursery next week though. I somehow had enough of my Russian experience
The child psychologist that I had with me (who was observing that day and today) said that the teachers were a bit too firm with children and too much of “my way way or the highway”
If at the end Henry and George will grow up not speaking Russian because I can’t jump over my own shadow of not being pushed around and Odette what to do, then well… May be I am not Russian enough myself and so them not speaking Russian would be ok.
Montessori nursery takes children for minimum of two full days (or 5 half days) that might prove to be a bit too much for Henry though…
I should have waited with a second child for at least another year but given the circumstances I actually couldn’t


One thought on “One Sentence Journal #221

  1. You are very hard on yourself! Don’t fall into the guilt trap. And if Henry grows up well-balanced and not speaking Russian, well, there are worst things that could happen. Hang in there. It will get easier. You will not break your children x


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