One Sentence Journal #223


So, keys are ours and we can move in! Had over two hours of flat handover. The most anal handover I ever witnessed! 150 sqm were looked at under a microscope. Every single draw was opened and looked at (to see if it’s clean), filters in the kitchen extractor were checked and two(!) limescale stains in kitchen and one of the bathrooms discovered. Professional cleaners, who were standing around waiting to be released from their job, were summoned, told off and had to clean the two spots as well as vacuum again two patches of carpet where one discovered a “dark shadow”. Every radiator was looked at (between the creases and membranes) to discover if any hair or cat hair is was still stuck… Every single ever so tiny scratch and spot were written down.
The inspection of an empty 4 bed flat took just over two hours. Couldn’t help but think about the rented flats in the UK and the filthy state most of them are. For a Swiss person all if them are filthy even the newbuilds:-)


2 thoughts on “One Sentence Journal #223

  1. Wow – at least you know you will be moving in to a clean flat too. Our Army handovers used to be like that too… AND the wives had to wait outside. Only the husbands ( or soldier employed by the army) was allowed in to do the handover. Even drawers were pulled out and checked UNDERNEATH! BUT, as I said, at least we knew we would move in to a clean army house. So moving to “Civilian” properties, when buying, was a shock! I often had to scrub ceilings or ovens etc.
    Good luck in your new home. Be happy.


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