One Sentence Journal#225


No idea why I decided that having a coffee capsule automate (or how ever you call those nespresso things) is a must have before moving in, but here we go – we are proud owners of a White Delizio machine :-)
Went to a huge shopping centre to buy lamps (they don’t have any lamps in flats, not even a thing to put a bulb in!)

Bought a hairdryer and a very small water jug and well a coffee machine – somehow were an iron, a an ironing board, a microwave or a washing machine not on my “must have” list:-)
Having a great latte macchiato in the morning is obviously more important!:-)

Having a glass of White wine now, waiting for a friend to pick me up and transport home – I couldn’t possibly move right now!

I am SO looking forward to moving into our flat! Feel a little bit as excited as if it was Christmas tomorrow:-)


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