One Sentence Journal #226


I don’t know where I got the idea that I can be done with moving in within a day! All five men and me managed to achieve today was to bring in all the stuff (from the trailer and the other flat) unpack all kitchen stuff (and somehow put it away), unwrap most of the furniture and build up one chest if draws – that’s it!!! I have five rooms to furnish and unpack tomorrow until six!!!
Why? We are now camping in the old, luckily furnished, apartment with no children’s beds or extra clothes or toys or food… And u would like them (children) to go to sleep in their one beds tomorrow night
And as if it wasn’t enough I broke Henry’s bed yesterday (the frame snapped in two pieces) I hope these people can repair it tomorrow otherwise I need to buy a new bed tomorrow and somehow get it delivered (don’t want even think about it right now)

Did I mention that I am exhausted?


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