God’s Child


Here’s the thing with Henry…
A month or so ago we were walking down the old town on Zug and for no reason went into a small church – just to have a look. Me and Henry. Henry was so impressed (I am not sure with what as there was no service and the church was pretty but not of a particular grandeur). Ever since every time he hears bells ringing he talks about going to church and that one must be quiet when one is in the church. One evening I went into a tiny chapel, just down the road from us, with Henry. He came in, sat down on a bench, sat there quietly for five minutes then turned over to me and said “finished” and wanted to go…
Today he found a cross, the one he was baptised with. We never ever talked about crosses, he never worn one and I don’t wear a cross either. He came over to me and Nigel showing us his cross and telling something about the church and how one needs to be quite there, he put the cross on telling us it’s his…
It was really spooky! Nigel swore he didn’t talk to Henry about crosses either…
Later I asked Henry if he would like to go to church or watch cartoons. Luckily he chose cartoons:-)


4 thoughts on “God’s Child

  1. yeah… only Russian church is in Zurich (so at least 30-40 minutes drive) would’ve been easier if it was around the corner, then I could really go there with Henry every week as long as he is interested in it…


    1. Because I think it is an appropriate behaviour for a 2.5 year old… Determination and strong interest are very very good, don’t get me wrong! but there is always a fine line between a strong interest and obsession… And if my son would have started to prefer just one particular activity to ANY other activities he liked before I would have been worried…


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