May be because I am tired, may be because we have had friends over or may be … even don’t know why but I am very very homesick. Never thought I would miss UK after living there for just six years…
I don’t miss any “things” but people and the familiarity the fact that we all can moan about the same stuff, that all of us experience the same weather or watch the beginning of Masterchef of Dancing on Ice…
I miss the possibility to go and meet with someone if we wanted to…
And I miss my husband cooking dinner most of the nights


2 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. Aww.. you need to find a colleague or a neighbour who could become your buddy – to have a light chat and a laugh over a coffee – at short notice. Also somehow you need to have some “your time” sharpish – too much stuff was happeing recently, too busy, too tired… Time to rewind is required!

    p.s. I had a look at the link you sent me – but was horrified by amount of time needed to read/listen to the lectures! Omg.. I can’t do it! :0


    1. You are so right but there is no time or space for any rest… I can’t see any even if there were…
      A week on my own far away from everything would have been so good though


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